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Cat Harbord, Founder, Dip. CBST & Certified Behaviour Consultant

Catherine (Cat) Harbord is the founder, principal trainer, and creative spirit behind ImPAWSible Possible.

As a Certified Dog Trainer , Cat has helped retrain, empower and change the lives of countless canines and their people.   Cat is passionate about the science of behaviour and is committed to lifelong learning in the areas of behaviourism, ethology, social learning models, cognitive  and developmental psychology.  Cat also holds a 2 year Diploma in Canine Behaviour Sciences & Technology from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI) and has completed a 1.5 year apprenticeship program in Calgary under a certified trainer and behaviour consultant.  She has also completed the BAT 2.0 and Bond Based Choice Instructor’s courses.   Cat has accumulated  over 7500 hours of consulting and training experience with pet, service and therapy dogs in Calgary and the surrounding areas.


We value the individual.

We value the human-canine bond.

We value the integrity of the scientific method.

We value our colleagues in the pet community.

We value education and lifelong learning.

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