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Class Name:  Feisty Fido                                                                        Pre-requisite:  None

Number of Classes: 5 classes                               

Venue:  Waggin’ Tails in Calgary


Does your dog make embarrassing displays at the end of her leash? Does she lunge, bark, snarl and growl at dogs, strangers, skateboards, cars, bikes or even snowmen? If you dread leaving your house with Fido for fear of what, or whom, you may run into then this class is for you.

Sign up today and  be on your way to managing and modifying these undesirable behaviors.  

Please note: the focus of the Feisty Fido program is working with fearful, reactive and/or aggressive behaviours that are occuring out on leashed walks with your dog.  If your dog is exhibiting these behaviours in your home or in other contexts (vet, car, offleash etc) , we recommend  our private training services.  We are unable to address contexts outside of leashedwalks within the Feisty Fido program.

Upcoming Dates/Times:

Maximum  of 5 dogs per  class.  Sign up early to avoid dissappointment!!!  Tuition non transferable and non refundable.   Sorry, we cannot make exceptions due to small and personalized class sizes.



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